Patio Inspirations






The warmer weather has finally arrived and I can’t help but keep those balcony doors opened. I have a secent space to work with and this weekend I acquired a baby grill, an variety herb pot and a table and 2 chair set from Target. There is a still a few more things I want to add and these inspriations photos are going to be very helpful! Have a wonderful week everyone! I am excited to grill my first brats sometime this week!






Happy Mothers Day




Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all those wonderful mothers out there and espeically to my amazing and beautiful mother! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful woman in my life! She is the kind of mom I want to be! xoxo!

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dangerously delicious pies

Steak, Mushrooms and Cheese Pie

This weekend, David and I stumbled into this place in Mid-Town, Detroit that served the most unique bar food I have ever had. You walk into this bar, pretty simple set up. Walk to the back and there is a counter with a cash register, menu and a buzzer. You buzz to place an order of pie. They had such a great variety of pies, I got the Steak, mushroom and cheese. David got the pulled-pork, both served with a well dressed salad. It was very delicious! Of course we couldn’t pass up trying one of their sweet pies, so we got one of their Custard/Caramel/Sea Salt pies and I got a Pecan Pie with Dark chocolate and caramel. Both equally yummy. If you are ever in the area, I definitely recommend you to try this place.

My love

Custard Pie with Caramel and Sea Salt

Custard Pie with Caramel and Sea Salt

Chocolate/Caramel Pecan Pie