1929’s Evening Coat

photo (90)

Now, if you were to go out for a chilly evening, would this be a coat you would grab? Being in a History of Dress class, part of the work is to analyze an artifact. This is what my group got. Today we give a presentation on this evening coat. Is this a vintage piece you would still want to wear?

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Well, we almost made it..

Thought we didn’t play the best, the Tiger put up a great fight. This weekend I came home, and it was nice to relax with family and loved ones. I got to go to the cider mill and enjoy some lovely hot apple cider and donuts. I just love MI in the fall. Have a great weekend all!

The half way Mark…almost there

This week is midterms for a lot of people, I am lucky that I didn’t have any exams this week. Though it is still crazy busy.. Just remember to take a deep breath and conquer one thing at a time. It will all get done, don’t worry. Have a great weekend! It’s the perfect time to catch up on work for the coming week.

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