Absolute most favorite designer-Elie Saab

Naturally I am a fan of the classic designers, such as Chanel, but there is something that Elie Saab has that I just love. His looks are so feminine, soft and full of texture. His pieces are so beautiful, I would be one lucky girl if I even got to even wear his outfit for ten min! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

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Finding the Time to exercise during the holiday months

The weather is getting colder and I can see the difficulty to work out, however, the holidays are coming up right around the corner and it is easy to avoid those extra pounds. Life starts to get busy, but it is possible to always find just 20 min a day to some sort of physical activity. Anything. And for only 20 min at least. Plus now that the weather is cold, the weather can get a little depressing and staying inside only makes it worse. Doing a quick run always boosts my mood.

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First Snow of the Season

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I hate to say it to all those people that aren’t ready, but it is really feeling a lot like Christmas. East Lansing got their first snow fall of the season on Monday and it actually stuck to the ground. I am excited for more to come! If it is going to be cold, might as well have it beautiful outside. Ps. one month until my love is 24!

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Old Town Lansing, MI

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I can’t believe that a month before I am to leave this place, I find the cutest town. Grand River runs through it and it is full of little boutiques and antique shops. Well, at least I know where to go whenever I come back up to visit.

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My Great-Great Grandparents

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I am taking a History of Dress class, and one of our assignments is to write a paper on a family photo. I am so lucky to have found this one of my family from the 1880s. I am in love with my Great-Great Grandma’s outfit, and she is wearing a bustle. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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