Lobster Carbonara

photo 1

My father got my mother a pasta roller for her kitchen aid and it was so fun to break it out over the break. It was so surprising how simple it was and we decided to try out this new recipe, it was a hit and of course the truffle oil was the perfect touch on top. Hope you all are having a wonderful week!!

photo 2

photo 3


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Golden Globes fashion stars

Emma Roberts

It’s the start to award season and my favorite celebrities did not disappoint. Here are my favorite of the night:

Cate Blanchett

Emma Watson

Julianna Margulies

Allison Williams

Zooey Deschanel

Naomi Watts

Michelle Dockery

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My birthday always catches me by surprise, first it’s my loves birthday, then Christmas, New Years and then my birthday. It’s a busy month. I’m finally 24, so crazy… life truly flies by so fast. I am going to enjoy this one, I can’t believe I’ll be 25 next year..oh my goodness.



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