My Mother’s Dress

Has your mother ever given you an item of clothing that you’ve never known how to wear exactly? Looking at pictures when she would wear it, it always would look adorable, then you put it on…and just not the same. My mom loved this dress so much, she bought two of them. She gave me her worn one probably 5 years ago and this was the first time I had really tried to make it work. It was so hot Sunday, I was looking for something cool, and this caught my eye. The dress is too big, so i took another hand-me-down, my mother’s old Calvin Klein belt, and the tighter waist added a lovely silhouette. Going for my mother’s style, I added her old gold earrings, and the whole process felt like those days when I was little and I would try on my mothers shoes or spray on her perfume just to be like her. It’s funny to think that I did that when I was 5 and still at 22, I haven’t changed.

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