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New Hair for a this Thanksgiving

New Hair for a this Thanksgiving

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was yummy, ended in a food coma and a little family drama. PS I got BANGS! I haven’t gone for this look since I was 7 and my mom wanted to grow them out. It was so liberating to try something so out of my comfort zone. I love that it was scary but I sat in that chair just thinking.. ‘It will always grow’ Hair is something we should be experimenting on constantly. Why not? We only live once and our hair is constantly growing. I am having fun being a new person. I can’t get over that it is December! It’s going to be a very busy month, but it will be exciting. Between Advent, Business Trip, Bf’s 25th Birthday, Austria family trip, Christmas and New Years.. I’ll be excited to just get a workout in.. One thing at a time.. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Cheers to full belly's!

Cheers to full belly’s!










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