Dream Cruising

1970 Jaguar XK-E

Every year the Woodward Dream Cruise comes along like clockwork. Though it officially starts this weekend, Michigan has been pulling out their old classic vehicles since we’ve started having warm summer nights in May. It’s one of my favorite events and it’s not hard to miss at all. Most of the time, you end up driving in the mist of it all. My boyfriend and I meet at a local restaurant on Woodward last night, the Original Pancake House. Afterwards, it was so nice to take a walk and see all the classic cars. We both fell in love with the Jaguar E-type last night. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend; I’ll be stuck in traffic admiring all the vintage cars while feeling dumb driving a 2013 electric blue Ford Fiesta.

Chopped Model-T

Dodge A100

1954 Pontiac Star Chief Wagon

Vintage “Cushman Mailster”

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