Working It Out

Over the past couple years I’ve become completely obsessed with working out and nutrition; health in general.  I find it fascinating that you have the power to change the way you look, feel and that eating healthier makes you feel absolutely fantastic inside. It’s become an addiction, so much so that the one day that I rest, I feel absolutely horrible and I regret the decision instantly. Though I know I need to rest, I try to do it on a busy day, so I feel like I’ve done something. I could go on and on about health, workouts and eating scheduled meals however for this post I want to focus on why I started.

When I went away for college the first time, I went as an extremely lazy person. Now I have never been huge, but I was not fit at all. Probably 10 pounds overweight, which isn’t horrible, but it could have lead to more potential problems later on in life. Looking at pictures from 4 years ago, it’s crazy what the different is. When I moved back home after 2 years of being away, I finally had the time to work-out and made time every day for an hour. Thus my addiction started and now I’m on the same routine 2 years later, though modified slightly, still extremely active. They say all you need is 20 min a day,and perhaps you can fit in a fun activity into the weekend. With the cooler weather and partly cloudy, doesn’t tennis sound appealing? Plus cute outfits are involved!

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