Dreaming of a Kate Spade Shopping Spree

{Kate Spade Fall 2012}

Kate Spade is one of my absolute favorite designers! Everything about the brand is radiant; I am love with the lifestyle that is illustrated from the clothing to the adorable sandpiper’s hand towels. I have splurged in my day on a couple of Kate Spade items; however a young college student can’t fill my wardrobe with an entire collection. I remember looking at Kate Spade’s preview to their 2012 fall collection, for some reason that seemed  for ever ago, and I fell in love… I fell hard. They went with a Persian influence, and right now, I am wishing to win the ultimate Kate Spade shopping spree. Maybe I should make that suggestion to their corporate office. As for now, I can only dream. Here are a few of my favorite things:

Garance Dore Rainy Dress

Worth Street Croissant


Charlie Sweater Dress

MaryBelle Skirt

Garance Dore Studio Pull Over

Gigantic Swiss Dot Tights 

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