Rouge Allure Velvet #40 La Sensuelle

Red Chanel Liptstick

The Perfect Red 

Welcome to With Chanel Red Lips!  I am so excited to start a blog and focus my posts on a few of my favorite things. Starting off with the every so classic Chanel Red Lipstick, the one accessory that can be added to almost any outfit and will make you look instantly fabulous! Though I have only been recently dabbing with the Chanel Red, I have found that this lipstick overrules any, $10 and under, drugstore lipstick. When it came to purchasing my first red, I would have thought to go very bright. The lovely sales clerk at the Chanel beauty counter tested a few different reds that would complement my olive skin.  Rouge Allure Velvet #40 La Sensuelle became my one and only that afternoon. I hope they never stop making that color! Let me know your go to color! 



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