Runners Envy

Women’s Running Competition

For the last few weeks, it has been really fun to work out while watching the Olympics. Our basement has an elliptical and treadmill that is equipped with a television to make that hour fly by quickly.  The Olympics is so exciting and makes it more fun to be running while watching these amazing athletes compete (I think my legs start moving faster when the runners are in the home stretch). With each event, my desire to emulate those sports grows, especially while watching the swimming, running, and the gymnastics. It’s just amazing to think about all the training and dedication these people from all over the world have put into one sport. I envy their amazing bodies, spirit and just wonder if I ever could ever be that good. I’ll just stick with my running and elliptical, about 3.5 mile, training for now, though I need to start thinking of another activity to challenge my body. Any suggestions?

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